Terms of use


  1. INTRODUCTION These terms of use constitute the terms and conditions of use
    website www.wastelessdesign.gr (hereinafter: "Website"), under which
    it can only be used by users. The website is a business
    (online store) selling products made of fabric and more
    natural materials, which was created and belongs to Barbara Bogiari, based in N.
    Redesto Thessaloniki, Tax Identification Number 147444871, GEMI Number: 149965306000, Email: wastelessdesign@gmail.com
  2. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS OF USE The use of the website is presumed to be unreserved
    agreement and acceptance of the user / visitor for its terms of use, as well as
    policies they refer to. Upon the visitor / user entering the website, the
    user / visitor waives any claim that may arise from
    his visit, in the context of these conditions and the posted policies. In case
    non-compliance with any terms of use or policies, the visitor must
    leave her.
  3. UPDATE OF THE TERMS OF USE The company can modify them at any time
    terms of use, as well as to temporarily or permanently terminate part or all of them
    services without any warning. Visitors / users are responsible for
    periodically check for modifications to the terms of use. Its use
    website after any modification, is considered as acceptance of the terms of use,
    as they were modified.
  4. COPYRIGHT The Website and its overall content [indicative and not
    Restrictive marks, trademarks, distinctive features of products, distinctive title, name
    domain name, photos, images, graphics, texts, audio and / or image files],
    is the subject of exclusive intellectual and industrial property rights,
    either the company itself or third parties in any way with it.
    The content is protected by the respective Greek and European legislation as well
    and the relevant international conventions. Exploitation in any way is prohibited
    and part of the content, for commercial or other purposes, with or without consideration.

The individual storage of a single copy of the content of the Website for strictly personal, private and non-commercial use is permitted, provided that the intellectual or industrial property rights of the company or third parties are not affected.

  1. USER / MEMBER RESPONSIBILITY The visitor / user of the website is exclusive
    responsible for its legal use and is obliged to refrain from any illegal act
    and abusive behavior as well as by adopting illegal practices. THE
    visitor / user agrees and undertakes to use the services, the
    information and data of the online store, as provided by law and
    based on the rules of good faith and business ethics.
    Indicatively and not restrictively, the visitor / user is prohibited:
    a) use the website of the online store to carry out transactions;
    which may incur civil or criminal penalties,
    b) to post on the website or publish through it illegal or offensive
    c) violates any form of Copyright of third parties.
    d) endanger the security of the website and other users /
    visitors or cause technical damage to the website or systems that
    make the website accessible to visitors / users.
    In the event that content is perceived on the website that causes moral damage or
    other damage to a third party, the company reserves the right to proceed immediately with
    delete this content and at the same time stop its operation
    account of the user / member, who violates the terms of use. The business does not
    bears no responsibility for the acts described above indicatively, which originate
    by third parties, who are liable for any damage that may arise from such
    operations and bear any cost of restoring any
  2. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY The company makes every possible technical effort to
    to provide high quality services by constantly monitoring the content of this
    website and making regular updates and updates. In
    however, no case can guarantee anything, for which it mediates or
    the contribution or partnership of third parties is required, while it does not bear any responsibility for any damage,
    in particular in user data files, machines or software resulting from

such an action. Any reference to this website on other websites or
and links (links), is made for the convenience of the user and the company is not responsible
for the content, products, any services provided by these sites.

  1. MEMBER REGISTRATION If the visitor / user wishes to subscribe to its services
    website and create a relevant account as a member, agrees:
    (a) provide true, valid and complete information about the information provided to him
    are requested and
    b) to maintain and diligently update his registration details, so that they are kept
    true, accurate and complete.
    Accounts with incomplete or false information will be deleted without notice.
    Each member undertakes to make strictly personal use of the account details
    and immediately inform the website and the company about any use of it
    his account by third parties which caused a violation of the described
    terms of use.
  2. PRIVACY POLICY The company is responsible for processing staff
    data of the registered user of the website. For the way it collects, it maintains
    and processes the data of the visitors / users of the website, please
    read carefully here the Personal Data Protection Policy and
    here the Cookies Policy of this website.
  3. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS - AVAILABILITY 3.1. The products for sale, the
    Prices, features and availability can be found on its website
    website. The prices of the products available through the website include
    and the applicable Value Added Tax (VAT). If you have any
    When asked about the features, price or availability of a product, we recommend
    before any completion of your purchase, contact us at the contact details listed on the website.
    ordering through the e-shop is the conclusion of a distance selling contract,

regulated by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994, as codified in a single
text from the Ministerial Decision 5338/2018 (Government Gazette B '40 / 17.01.2018), the Code
Consumer Ethics for E-Commerce (Government Gazette B '969 / 22.03.2017), the
which you can read in full by clicking here and the rest of the current
Greek and Community legislation. Possibility of valid order through the e-shop
exists if the provisions on the legal capacity of Elliniko are met
Law, to natural or legal persons. Orders of legal entities can
carried out only by their legal representatives. The company
reserves the right to demand the return of any orders that will
carried out by legally incompetent persons. 

  1. COMPLETION - CONFIRMATION OF THE ORDER Upon completion of the order,
    the customer will receive within a reasonable time via email receipt
    receipt of his request, confirmation and order number.
  2. means of payment
    Payment can be made by credit, debit and prepaid cards
    Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Diners

The use of your credit card for your purchases in the online store is
completely safe, as long as you follow the relevant instructions. Once you have completed the completion
all the information required to place the order. To pay by credit card, you must fill in the relevant form
exact holder name, number and expiration date of your credit card,
as well as the three-digit number (CVV) on the back of the card. The control
and payment is made immediately, once you are connected to the secure payment system

In any case of purchase, the buyer must also be the holder of the card
used for each transaction.
If you do not have a credit card or the payment method via Paypal does not work for you,
You can repay the order by deposit in a bank account if you contact and request deposit information. In payments by deposit, the order is sent only if the transfer
done at the expense of the sender (“OUR”, not “SHA”) and if in the reason for the deposit
enter the number of the order to which it relates as well as its name
depositor, so that identification can be made. In this case, the order
remains in "standby" mode after its registration, until confirmed by
us the deposit of the amount in the bank account of the bank agreed.

    Shipments within Greece
    All shipments to destinations within Greece for orders whose total value
    exceeds € 45.00 are made without shipping costs. The charge for orders
    with a total value of less than € 45.00 is € 3.70 per shipment. The products that
    orders are sent to the address you specified to us, through the company
    ELTA courier.
    Orders are sent by our company within 3 working days, if
    have been registered until 16:00 working day and there is no problem in
    availability or other cause of delay (eg waiting for a bank transfer or
    identification of customer data due to the use of questionable credit authenticity
    card). For products stating that they are available upon request the shipment
    takes place within 15 working days.

The delivery time of orders within Greece depends on the company
courier and is usually 1-2 working days, subject to special conditions
force majeure.

Shipments to other countries
It is possible to send to foreign countries if you are served by ELTA (Greek Post)
Shipping costs are calculated according to the country and the weight of the package and the delivery time varies depending on the country.


  1. cancellation of order In case the customer wants to cancel it
    order should contact the online store or via email
    at wastelessdesign@gmail.com. In these
    In some cases, the order can be canceled provided that the
    delivery to the courier company. If the shipment has been made, the shipping cost is non-refundable.
    You can return products you bought and request a replacement
    in case we have shipped products other than those you ordered or to
    in case the products you received were defective.
    You have the right to request a refund of the value paid or their replacement, in case of a defect,
    within 14 days of delivery of the products to you. Our business will bring
    liability for compensation in the event of a defect, in accordance with the seller 's liability for
    actual defects and lack of agreed properties, according to articles 534 et seq
    Civil Code.
    The return of the products for the above reasons is free for the whole
    Greece and are sent to the address mentioned in term 4.2.
    Any invalidity of some terms herein does not invalidate the rest. Or not
    exercise by the company of its rights under these terms does not imply
    her waiver of those rights.
    The company is not responsible for violation of these terms due to reasons
    force majeure (such as extreme weather events, earthquakes, floods, fires,
    emergencies, etc.).
    For any dispute arising from the present, its courts become competent
    Regarding the possibility of electronic alternative solution of consumers
    disputes arising from online sales contracts, you can
    be informed at the address: