Small σερβιέτα υφασμάτινη από βιολογικό βαμβάκι για μικρή ροή Wilderness Blooms

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Reusable Cloth Pads in Small Size for μικρή ροή σε τύπωμα Wilderness Blooms (η τοποθέτηση του τυπώματος μπορεί να διαφέρει)


Made in Thessaloniki from certified organic, hypoallergenic and ecologically sustainable materials.

Thin, absorbent and breathable, specifically designed to offer you safety and comfort in hot climates as they do not cause sweating, itching or unpleasant odors.

Healthier and suitable for the sensitive area.

- More economic since each cloth pad has a minimum lifespan of 2 years and replaces multiple disposable products thus reducing the waste we produce.

Environmental friendly with zero waste pattern design and integrated circular design that reduces the production of waste at all stages of the product life.

Vegan without materials of animal origin or experiments on animals accustomed to conventional feminine hygiene products.

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Dimensions: Length: 20 cm., width fastened: (crotch) 7.2 cm.

Print: Wilderness Blooms (η τοποθέτηση του τυπώματος μπορεί να διαφέρει)


- Outer fabrics: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton printed with low impact dyes

Inner layer: absorbent fleece from bamboo, hemp and organic cotton

Inner layer: organic cotton with waterproof and breathable lamination from PUL, certified hypoallergenic

- Hypoallergenic and durable metallic nickel free snaps


Instructions for use:

- Choose fitted underwear made of stable fabric and suitable width.

- After use, place in cold water for 8-24 hours.

- Rinse well with cold water.

- Wash in the washing machine at 40-60 degrees or by hand.

- Dry well outside or in a warm place, not a dryer.

- Avoid using softener as it may reduce absorbency.

- Never iron the bottom side, if you want only lightly on the top.

4 reviews for Small σερβιέτα υφασμάτινη από βιολογικό βαμβάκι για μικρή ροή Wilderness Blooms

  1. Calliope -

    Everything you need in the days before / after the period. Very convenient and absorbent, you do not even understand them. They are very easy to wash, I highly recommend them!
    * I have medium to large flow.

  2. Marielena Korfiati (verified owner) -

  3. Demeter (verified owner) -

    Excellent product for before the period and the last days.

  4. MARIA STAVROPOULOU (verified owner) -

    Perfect product !!!

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