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Privacy / Privacy Policy

Our company Wasteless Design, pays special attention to their protection
your personal data. In the context of the application of the General Regulation of Protection
Data (EU) 2016/679 which has entered into force (hereinafter referred to as the “GPA”), has drawn up the
this policy, which concerns only natural persons who have or intend to
transactional relationship with our business.
The processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as IFRS) refers to
collect, store, modify, search for information, use, transmit, retrieve,
reduction or deletion of IFRSs that have been or will be made known to it
our business, either in the context of trade relations or in the context of information
received by our business from a third natural or legal person or public body against
the exercise of his legal right or compliance with a legal obligation to
Our company implements the appropriate technical and organizational measures for the legal and
technological compliance, but also the physical security of IFRS. Thus, it ensures
legal maintenance, processing and safe storage against any loss or leakage,
alteration, transmission or otherwise improper processing,
protecting you from the risk of damage.

Personal data that we process and collect

By registering to open an account, place an order, or send one
on request, we collect specific personal information from you, for
for example your name, your postal address, your telephone numbers,
the email address etc. This information is necessary for
Identify and identify you as a customer, to process your order, to
deliver the products to you, manage the payments, keep his details
your profile and your account in general. Also, using the above
information, we can contact you directly or via electronic means,
including social networks, for product information,
our offers and services.
Your data is kept at the headquarters of our company. The notification by you of
IFRS, using the services of our website and our online store,
accepts the acceptance of the terms of use of this data in accordance with this

Legal basis for processing personal data

Our company legally processes IFRS, to the extent that this processing is
necessary to carry out the transaction you wish with us or for compliance
to our legal obligation, or to pursue our legal interests, or to
fulfillment of a duty in the public interest. If editing is not based on
any of the above legal processing bases, the
your prior express consent.

Withdrawal of consent

For cases where the processing of your personal data is based on
your prior express consent, you have the right to revoke it at any time. In this case, the legality of the processing is not affected until its revocation. The revocation of consent must go to the company, to the electronics

Time of keeping personal data

IFRSs are maintained by our business for as long as provided
in this case, from the current legislative and regulatory framework and at most
limit of ten (10) years from the last processing of your transaction with us. In case
non-transaction, for whatever reason, your data will be retained
maximum for five years from their entry into us. Exceeding the above
will only take place if it exists and proves to be pending
dispute with our company, either before courts or before other authorities
out-of-court settlement bodies.

User / Subject Rights

Individuals, as users / subjects of processing of your personal
data, you retain the following rights under current legislation:
   • The right to access the personal data that concern you and if so
are processed by our company, as the controller, the purposes
the categories of data and their recipients or categories of recipients.
   • Right to request correction of inaccurate data as well as completion
incomplete data (Article 16 GIP).
   • The right to request the deletion of your personal data, unless it exists
legal obligation and / or right of our company for their further maintenance.
   • The right to request a restriction on the processing of your personal data,
if their accuracy is questioned, or you consider the processing illegal, or it was missing o
for the purpose of processing, provided that there is always no lawful reason for
their maintenance.
   • Right of portability of your personal data to another responsible person
provided that the processing and transmission is based on
your consent and is carried out by automated means.
   • Right of objection for reasons relating to your particular situation in
in case your personal data is processed for fulfillment
duty performed in the public interest or in the exercise of public authority
entrusted to our business or for the purposes of the legitimate interests which
seeks this or a third party.
   • Right to withdraw consent at any time for a specific treatment,
if the consent had been given for a specific purpose.
For each case of exercising your above rights, you can submit
written, free of charge, application to our company.
For any relevant issue the user / data subject can be addressed
in our company, at the email address: or by phone at 6948601280

Other People Who May Use Your Information

We can share your information with selected service providers
perform functions on our behalf, as well as the provision of advertising and promotional services. In any such case, we will provide only what is necessary
information required for the performance of their services, ensuring in
as far as possible that they will not be used for other purposes. The use of
information, will be done in accordance with applicable law.
In some cases we may disclose your personal information to
third parties, for reasons of compliance of our company with its legal obligation or
in the context of a legal proceeding, for the purposes of reducing credit risk,
to prevent and detect fraud or protection of legal rights and
of our business assets.
Our company will ensure that executors on behalf of its processing
IFRSs meet the requirements and provide sufficient assurances for their implementation
appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure their protection
your rights.
Under no circumstances will we disclose your personal information to third parties for
commercial or other for-profit purposes of third parties.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

This policy may be amended and / or renewed, in compliance
always with the current legal framework. Any such change will be posted on the website
and for this reason your regular information through it is recommended.

Security Statement

Since the transmission of information over the internet can not be perfect
secure, we can not guarantee the security of your personal data
are submitted to us and any transmission is at your own risk. From the side
We will take all possible measures and use strict procedures for
prevent unauthorized access to your data.
Website and applications use this encryption technology
to protect your information during data transfer. THE
SSL technology encrypts order information such as your name, address
and your credit card number.

Providing Consent

By registering on the website the user consents to the use of his personal
data from Wasteless Design, as responsible for their processing
through automated means, either by itself or through any other
appoint a person to carry out the processing by order and on behalf of
The Terms and Conditions of this Policy and any amendments thereto are governed by
Greek law.


Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that contain information stored on the web
browser of the visitor / user's computer and can be removed at any time. By
this way, the site remembers your actions and preferences for a period of time,
so you do not have to enter these preferences every time you visit the site or
you go through its pages. Cookies do not affect the computer or mobile device and do not
cause some damage or functional charge to it. 

What types of cookies are used on the website

The types of cookies used by the website are distinguished in: 
(a) absolutely necessary cookies, (b) third party cookies and (c) performance cookies. The
temporary cookies (session cookies) used by the website are deleted after its completion
your browser and / or after closing the browser. 
(a) The absolutely necessary cookies are essential for its proper operation
our website. They allow you to browse and use features such as access
in safe areas. These cookies do not store your personal identity. Should
are constantly activated to save preferences. If you turn it off
specific cookies, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means
that every time you enter our site, you will be required to enable or disable it
of specific cookies.
(b) We use third party cookies (cookies which are placed by other providers),
in order to make it possible to watch videos on YouTube, use the media
social networking (eg Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Keeping the specifics activated
cookies, the use of our website becomes easier and more enjoyable, and you have the opportunity
to share the content that you found interesting on social media. 
We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous information, such as
number of visitors to our site and our most popular pages. 
By keeping these cookies enabled, you help us to improve the website
These cookies store your personal identity. 
(c) Performance cookies collect aggregate anonymous information solely about
improve the performance of our business website, for example which parts of it
you visit the site most often, if you receive error messages, how many people visited
our website etc., without identifying the user / visitor of the website.
It is important to clarify your possible choice to turn off the download
some of the cookies may result in difficulty and / or inability to access
certain websites or exploiting certain features of our website.

How to check cookies?

Cookies are stored on your computer or device, after being informed about the settings
privacy and give your consent. If you do not accept cookies, some of
The features of our website may not be fully available, but in no case
you will be excluded from accessing our website.
It is at your discretion to revoke, whenever you wish, your consent or to
oppose the use of cookies on your computer or device, to control and / or
delete cookies.

Where can you find more personal protection information?
data collected by cookies?


Information about the protection of your personal data, but also about your rights will
find in the Privacy Policy here.

Where can you find more information on the general use of cookies?

More information about the general use of cookies, but also the methods
block or restrict them, you will find on the websites and 


Changes to the Cookies Policy.

This Cookies Policy is subject to change at any time. For this reason you
we recommend that you refer to it regularly. In case of its modification, the
date it took place. The Cookies Policy is always considered valid, as
formed by the most recent modification.