About cloth pads and panty liners:

  • How to use Wasteless Design cloth pads and panty liners?

Wasteless Design fabric sanitary napkins and sanitary napkins are used in accordance with conventional products while offering benefits to the environment and our health. The materials used offer absorbency and waterproofness while at the same time they breathe with the result that they do not cause sweating, itching and bad smell, offering greater comfort than conventional products. For this reason you can wear them even for 8 or more hours without irritation. The feathers fasten under the underwear with a metal clasp and hold the sanitary napkin firmly in place, for greater stability choose fitted underwear made of solid material (eg not satin or lace) with a corresponding width on the crotch. The absorbent side is the one with the main design and the seam around the core and in the center of the sanitary napkin, if you are not sure look at the photos that show how each sanitary napkin fastens. If you are away from home use a waterproof toiletry bag / bag to store the clean and then used napkin after changing. As soon as you get home, follow the washing instructions.

  • How many cloth pads do I need in a menstrual cycle?

This depends on the flow and duration of your cycle and whether you reuse the same cloth pads in one menstrual cycle. On average you will need 2-3 per day and 7-10 for your entire cycle. The different sizes correspond to different absorbencies and lengths. Choose small for days with light flow, medium for medium, large for heavy and xl for very heavy flow. If you are not sure what sizes you need, we suggest you start with a set of different sizes and after trying them add more depending on which ones will suit you the best. Important, returns and changes are not accepted as it is a personal hygiene product. If you are not sure if the product is right for you please order one piece to try them out first.

  • How to wash cloth pads and panty liners from Wasteless Design;

Before the first use, wash in the smallest cycle of your washing machine and dry well. After using the cloth pads, ideally while they are still moist, soak them in a basin of very cold water for 8-24 hours. You can add soda or vinegar while soaking for best results. Then rinse them well with cold water until the water runs out clean. If you have enough for your whole period, let them dry and wait to put them in the washing machine together at the end of your cycle, alternatively wash them in between if you need to reuse them. Use the detergent of your choice at 40-60 degrees Celsius. The use of classic soap is not recommended as it leaves residues so please use a detergent suitable for washing machines that leaves no residue. If the stains persist, you can add a washing booster with hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient. The panty liners for daily use do not need soaking and can be put directly in the washing machine. Hang outside or at a warm place and let them dry well. Avoid fabric softener, dryer and iron as they can affect their absorbency and waterproofness. The composition and pH of blood and vaginal fluids vary slightly from body to body and even from cycle to cycle and this can affect how easily stains are cleaned, it can even cause fabric discoloration. Surface changes in the color of the fabric do not affect the absorbency and waterproofness of the cloth pad and therefore neither its functionality.

  • Are Wasteless Design's cloth pads safe to use? Wasteless Design;

Wasteless Design cloth pads are made with certified organic and hypoallergenic materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, PUL coated organic cotton and nickel-free metallic snaps.  We do not use synthetic materials that cause sweating, itching and unpleasant odors and they pads do not contain traces of pesticides, synthetic fragrances, disphenol A, dioxins, glyphosate, phthalates or other hazardous chemicals found in conventional disposable products and can cause endocrine disorders, gynecological problems and even cancer.* These characteristics make them ideal for those who face problems such as allergies and irritation in the sensitive area but they also are a healthier and safer choice for all of us.

* Reusable and toxic free menstrual products report by Zero Waste Europe

  • Aren't your products a bit overpriced?

No, on the contrary. Firstly, the products are reusable, which means that the cost is returnable as they replace disposable products with a much higher cumulative cost per year. Secondly, the materials used have been selected with the highest criteria and have certifications where applicable, and they are of superior quality to the majority of the material used in similar reusable products. Thirdly, the products are not simply designed in Greece but are also manufactured here and not in a country with low labor costs that is often combined with unsafe working conditions and exploitation. So the prices reflect the quality, the sustainability and the fair working conditions whilst the maximum effort is made so that the products remain accessible to everybody and are not a luxury item for a few. If you belong to an economically sensitive group, such as unemployed, single parent etc and you are having difficulty in purchasing the products, contact us so that we can find a suitable solution. We do not want to exclude any individual or social group from accessing a greener and healthier alternative, our goal is to make them accessible to all.

  • How are cloth pads from Wasteless Design more environmentally sustainable?

All stages of production and the product life cycle have been taken into account in order to have the least ecological impact. Starting with the product design, the pattern is designed with a zero waste technique so that raw materials are not wasted at the production stage. The raw materials are selected with the strictest ecological criteria and consist mainly of organic and natural materials. In addition, no synthetic fleece or similar materials are used because when washed they release microplastics that end up in the ocean with serious effects on the ecosystem. The use of synthetics is avoided even in details such as the snaps that are metallic and even the thread is made of organic cotton or 100% cotton in the majority of products. Every Wasteless Design cloth pad has a minimum lifespan of 2 years and replaces multiple disposable products by greatly reducing the waste we produce and contributing to a low waste lifestyle. By comparison, a conventional menstrual pad consists of up to 90% plastic and a woman in her lifetime will use an average of 12,000 disposable menstrual pads during her period producing 150 kg of waste. The circular design takes into account the end of the product's life cycle so please contact us when it has lost its functionality for us to dispose of them responsibly and correctly separate the materials.

* Reusable and toxic free menstrual products report by Zero Waste Europe

  • Can I choose specific prints in the sets?

If you have specific print preferences leave a comment when you place your order and if the specific prints are available they will be included, otherwise any designs available will be sent. If you want only specific prints please select individual products

About face wipes

  • What materials are Wasteless Design reusable face wipes made of and why are they square?

Wasteless Design reusable face wipes are made of absorbent and super soft bamboo velour and organic cotton on one side and a fine terry made of bamboo and organic cotton on the other side. They are square because the pattern follows zero waste logic to avoid wasting fabric. Also this way a wipe is big enough to remove a light makeup from the whole face. Because the details make the difference, they are sewn with GOTS certified thread from 100% organic cotton. You can find them in sets of 5 or 10 pieces and they are packed in a small pouch made of organic cotton that you can use to store them.

  • How should Wasteless Design reusable face wipes be washed?

Before the first use, wash in the smallest cycle of your washing machine and dry. After use, rinse with warm water to remove most make up. Wash in the washing machine at 40 to 60 degrees along with the rest of the whites, you can use a washing machine net bag to keep them from mixing with the rest of the wash. Dry well outside in the sun or in a warm place.

Purchase from physical stores

  • Can we find your products in a physical store?

Tα φυσικά καταστήματα από όπου μπορείτε να προμηθευτείτε τις επαναχρησιμοποιούμενες υφασμάτινες σερβιέτες και τα σερβιετάκια του Wasteless Design είναι τα εξής:

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